Al Awadhi Electronics is a part of Al awadhi Group of Companies and is the sole distributor of Daewoo Electronics in Bahrain. Daewoo currently manufactures and markets a full line of exciting products like refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, chest freezers, gas cooker range and televisions.

Al awadhi electronics, having identified the core pulse of consumer need, is geared to provide satisfactory services and bring the most moders technology at a reasonable cost.

  • refrigerator

    By using a Daewoo side by side state of the art refrigerator, you will enjoy a standard of living that can only be achived by Daewoo's sophisticated refrigerator technology.

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  • washing machine

    Intelligent Washing System. Once the start button is pressed, sensors detect the size and type of the load and will adjust the water level accordingly.

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  • microwave oven

    Daewoo Mocrowave Oven will usher you into a parade of diverse tastes everyday. The taste and style that you want to make! There will be a feast diverse tastes for you everyday.

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  • air conditioner

    Fill your space with Daewoo's technology and design. Giving priority to men and environment, Daewoo air conditioner can change your space into the freshest and most comformatable place.

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  • vacuum cleaner

    Push and pull, twice cleaning effectiveness by 2 way suction holes. Improve 16% cleaning capacity (in contradistinction to old carpet brush)

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  • freezer, cooker

    Adopting the CFC free refrigerant, with modern consciousness to protect the environment. Advanced Compressor for efficient freezing, save power.

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  • television

    Best Image Quality ever. Full HD ready TV. Full HD ready supports widescreen format like a cinema. Super High Density Resolution for Real Sharpness.

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